Going to the doctor

Well folks, I didn’t get to go to the beach. Ironically enough, the morning after I published my last blog I woke up with a stabbing pain in my lower back (which actually turned out to be my lung). Every time I coughed, the pain got worse. So instead of packing my swimsuit and towel for some much needed sunbathing, I went to the doctor for some much needed medical attention.

I was taken to a private clinic and seen almost immediately. The doctor explained that my lungs were super irritated and full of phlegm, so I had to have nebulizer treatment as well as an IV of medicine to aid in the lung recuperation. In all honesty, I felt like I had finally hit rock bottom. I was sitting in a foreign doctor’s office, hooked up to a Darth Vador-like mask that was pumping medicine into my infected lungs, while at the same time getting hooked up to an IV (I just love needles, btw), and I wanted nothing more than to take a sleeping pill that would make me sleep until all the horribleness was over.

In the midst of all my misery though, God showed up again. Like I said last time, God’s got everything under control, regardless of whether we believe it or not. I was blessed with not only an amazing doctor but an amazing nurse as well. Both of them were thorough in their assessments, yet super gentle and understanding of my apprehensions. I literally did not feel a thing when I got the IV, and by the time I left, my blood-oxygen levels were back up and I could breath normally.

Since last Friday (Oct. 1st), I have been faithfully taking my pills and drinking my cough syrup twice a day without complaint. I thought I was out of the woods until Monday night (Oct. 4th), my one month anniversary of being in Costa Rica. Instead of having a party to celebrate, I had to go back to the doctor because I was having chest pains and really all-over-my-torso-pains. My lungs had become unhappy once more, and so we went back to the clinic for the 4th time in 4 days. (They recognize my face now when I go in.)

Lucky for me, this visit was a bit different than my past visits. This time, I was accompanied by one of my professors as well as one of the 24-7s. We got there and the front desk guy said we would have to wait until 9:30PM to see the doctor because he was so busy. It was about 8:00PM at that time. About half an hour later, the doctor called us back. Well, lucky me I got the best looking doctor in Costa Rica. He had the pointiest shoes I’ve ever seen a man wear…or a woman for that matter. This guy should have been on Grey’s Anatomy.

Anyway, he talked with us for a while, then decided to check me over. At one point, he actually hopped up onto the examining table next to me to get at a better angle to check my breathing. I was laughing inside…I’d never seen a doctor hop up on the table before. He explained the need for more nebulization and of course another injection. So, I got another injection, and then it was time to get nebulized. I got out my mask they had given me the time before and he hooked me up. We all thought it would be a good time to take some pictures, so we did. We got ones with me in the mask, with the 24-7 and me, of the doctor and me….really quite ridiculous.

When all was said and done, we got the pics, we finished the 3 nebulizations and then we headed home. That night after I got home, my host mom expressed how worried she was for me. We talked a lot about different food she is going to cook for me to “rally my defenses”. Also, she and I talked about the importance of having a positive attitude through all of this. She reminded me that I have so many people who care and that I am never alone. God just blows my socks off again and again. I am indeed a blessed woman with an amazing family! I am officially on the mend, and looking forward to my final doctor visit this Friday! Thanks for the continued prayers devoted reader!

Until next time…


One response to “Going to the doctor

  1. Kate, Oh my goodness when I first started ready this my stomach flipped flopped cause I wasn’t sure what you were going to say was causing the lower back pain! I’m so sorry your trip is being interrupted by health issues, but I’m glad (and of course I always knew) God is showing you how to still be joyful and grateful! What an awesome Father we have! I am praying even harder and longer for you my love! -Meg-

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